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Dr. Barbara E.​ Milton, Jr. LCSW

[email protected]


Black Lives Matter  Caravan

Join the Action- Every 3rd of the Month.  We ride in communities all across the US with signs on our cars and hope in our hearts to stop targeted racism by the police and to mobilize the electorate to keep the pressure on local, state and national legislators to end the scourge of police brutality.

This action is done in your own vehicle, in your own town.  It's COVID-19 safe. 

After the action our riders put pictures on social media.

.Email me for more details on the action:: [email protected]

5/13/21  The House passed HR 1280 he George Floyd Justice  in Policing Act of 2021.  We must press the US Senate to do the same.   And we must pass HR.1- the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act.  Jim Crow, 2.0 is happening in plain sight.  A democracy expands the franchise and an autocracy inspired by white supremacists retract the franchise.  We must life up our voices and protect our precious rights to vote.  It is the only way our government will make progress for all people.


The systematic disenfranchisement of people of color is happening all across this country and the supreme court has laid out a red carpet for the assault on our community.  We must continue to press for voting rights, police and gun reform.  What is the value of black and brown and poor peoples lives?  The white power structure is doing all it can to retain and consolidate their power.  We are in the battle of our lives.

Stop the Hate

The people have spoken, 78,800,000 + votes for Biden-Harris and 73, 100,00 + votes for DJT.  This election puts the rest the notion that the USA is in a post-racial period.  Hate has been weaponized in America.  I long believed that there were more of "us" than "them" but my God, there are lots of "them"!  We must keep the coalition in tact to fight the evil of white supremacy and hate and we must do it at all levels of government. 

5/13/21  The Proud Boys are designated a terrorist organization by Canada and not by the USA.  Speak up!  We must stop white supremacist domestic terrorist organizations.  Support the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center and their efforts to track and defeat racist terrorism.  www. 


We need more aggressive prosecution of domestic terrorist groups.  Why isn't it happening?  

LGBTQI+ Rights are Human Rights

We must protect the lives of our LGBTIQ+ family. Lambda Legal is on the front lines of  protecting our rights in employment, healthcare, housing and education. They are working to preserve our families, our marriages and our dignity.   Check out ways to get involved:


More and more Trans men and women are being killed. Their lives matter.  We must continue to press for protections against hate based on ones sexual orientation and gender expression.  

Hold the Biden-Harris Administration Accountable

What a mess #45 left behind and I believe the Biden-Harris Administration are the right leaders for the time.  But we have to stay engaged and we must continue to press them on the issues we care about:  COVID cures, Economic relief, Strengthening our Health Care, Protecting Pre-existing conditions, Bringing down RX costs, Student loan forgiveness, ending Mass Incarceration, turning the tide against systemic racism in all areas of our lives, protecting women's reproductive freedom, securing LGBTQI+ love, restoring our relationships with allies around the world and reversing all the damaging environmental regs that create the existential threat to us all with climate change.

So far, the administration is doing a good job.  Of course they are under attack and the republicans have committed to their usual tactic of obstructionism, even opposing policies that benefit their constituents.  Some have the unmitigated gall to actually sing the praises of bills in their districts that they in fact voted against in congress around the stimulus, COVID relief and other economic policies.  We have to keep calling out their lies.

What are you doing to fight the big lie advanced by the Republicans?  What are you doing  to hold the new administration accountable? 


Why is the Biden Administration defending Donald Trump in the case of sexual misconduct?  Why is Joe Biden assigning VP Harris to every major policy initiative - the immigration crisis, police reform and voting rights -- what is she SUPERWOMAN?  Why set her up to fail?