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"There is no vaccine for racism. No one is above the law. No one is free until all of us is free."  

Sen. Kamala Harris, 8-19-20


Words matter and I have written plenty of them over the years. In the section I  share my dissertation on Historical Resilience along with book chapters, other papers and published opinion pieces  I have written. Some I have written with others and some I have penned by myself.  Enjoy. 

 #1 Dissertation

Reconnecting to Resilience: A Historical Study of Slave Narratives With Implications For Social Work With African American Youth. (2009, City University Of New York)

If you are interested in reading my research please email me and I can send you a pdf.

#3 OpEd

#4 Psychosis Journal

When reality breaks from us: lived experience wisdom in the COVID-19 era.

Published 09-10-20

#5 Newspaper Article

Margaret Schmidt, Editor of the Jersey Journal wrote about Heeding the Caregiver Call, 05-08-21

#6  Q & A

The Women's Alzheimer's Movement featured an interview with me about Heeding the Caregiver Call, 05-04-21


In 2011, Kiwan Fitch and the EmPOWERment Corp published the first of their series of Confessions books.  I was thrilled to be asked to write the forward to the book and used my voice to place the onus of poverty on the system rather than vilifying women and children who receive welfare benefits. 

Rarely are voices of the marginalized community heard.  Twenty women shared their lived experience with poverty and accessing help from the social safety net that was designed to safeguard the general welfare of American citizens.  The authors share their bold and courageous stories with us all.

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